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    Reduce call center cost by 1/3
    AI can provide better screening and query resolution
    and replace your entry-level employee
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    Create Remote Workforce
    CRM for Real Time Monitoring, Task Allocation and Analytics
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    Automate Customer Engagement
    Multi-channel AI based Engagement to Reduce Drops
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    Video Interviews
    Asynchronous Video Interview to Improve selection to interview ratio
    Video Interviews
    Improve selection ratio using pre-recorded interviews


Customer Engagement

Keep customers engeged on multiple communication channels

Multiple Channels

Outbound campaigns in multiple channels to outreach fresh customers

Your Database

Build your own database driven by powerful search engine

Automated task allocations

Make your remote workforce management more efficient

Mobile First

Intelligent Mobile App for agents


Highly customisable as per your process


Native integration with all customer acquisition channels


Build complex filtering logics to focus only on right customers